Castle Adventure Open Farm Ballyshannon

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Last year with Noah, it was all about the lovely walks in the buggy….this Summer its a totally different story.  Gone are the lovely walks in Glenveagh were he sat in the buggy like an angel and chirped away to himself the whole way in and out. This summer is all about the ADVENTURES. 

One adventure ticked off our summer list was on Sunday when we went to Castle Adventure Open Farm in Ballyshannon and we were NOT disappointed. 

Admission to the farm was 8 euros per person,family of four its 28 euros. We had the extra bonus of  a Teddy Bear Picnic event in the farm that day too, were all children got a picnic bag, which included, a drink and snacks to enjoy at the picnic. There were teddies everywhere on the farm and even a friendly BIG teddy who posed for photos with all the children. There was free face painting and story telling on the day too.


In the shed there were lots of animals penned in and what I loved was the little window for all the little people to get a proper close up look at the animals, instead of the mammies and daddies having to lift them up to get a look. There are allocated times during the day too where you can help feed the animals. The farm animals here included, Red deers, pigs and piglets, chickens, goats baby chicks and  rabbits.

The outside play area here is amazing and lots that Noah who is 2 and a half could manage himself.  Lots of slides, swings, a zip line and climbing frames.  Kevin soon discovered the area where the JCB diggers were and away the two skedaddled. There is an extra cost for this which was 2 euros and was worth every bit.

Also outside is the quad ride, which you get a ticket for when you pay upon arrival. Mammy and Noah LOVED this and got to see lots of animals in the fields along the way. 

To be honest Noah could give or take the animals, it was all the other activities that he loved.  There is an area which  has 4 toy tractors and this was a BIG hit with all children, they just went round and round in circles, sometimes it looked a bit like bumping tractors but there were smiles all round.  I think Noah must of stayed here for a good 45 mins. I pooped into the cafe on site and got two take away teas and a good old yorkie bar.  The cafe has a fab menu and there is a big play area for the children inside. There are lots of areas outside also where you could bring your own picnic and enjoy.


REALLY REALLY enjoyed our trip here….we were there for over two hours and Noah never stopped the whole time.  Cant wait to go back again and bring Noah’s cousins with us this time. 10 out of 10 from us.

Joanne x

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