Yoga in Schools




Breathe out exam stress... with Yoga & Mindfulness.

1.5 Hour Workshop
will focus on physical, mental and emotional health through:

1. Breathing Techniques
2. Relaxation
3. Poses
4. Mediation

These four elements of the workshop will show the benefit of how yoga & mindfulness can reduce stress and help them to stay calm throughout their exams.

Students learn methods to:
1.  Sustain their energy
2. Make clear decisions
3. Develop emotional intelligence
4. Recognise and manage stress
5. Inspire themselves towards personal ambitions
6. Develop greater self-awareness



“I just finished a block of toddler yoga classes with Joanne. I just wanted to say how brill this class was. I have a very shy and anxious girl when it comes to mixing in new situations with new people and wanted to bring her to some classes to try and make her feel more comfortable. From not taking part at all in the first class to loving and jumping around and full participation within 4 weeks, it speaks for itself really. Thank you Joanne for a fab set of classes. I know you have one very happy yogi and mummy after it all.”

Noreen & Ella

“I did a set of toddler yoga classes with Joanne with my little boy who had just turned 3. He absolutely loved it and so did I. We both really looked forward to our Saturday mornings. He hadn’t started pre school yet, so Iwas keen to get him involved in a group actvitiy like this, and toddler yoga was perfect. He was really shy on the first day,but by the end of the 5 weeksm he joined in with everything and had really developed in confidence. Joanne is a natural with young kids, and I would highly recommend these classes”

Sorcha & Finn

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