Thursday morning is one of my favourite days of the week and this is because for the past 5 years, I have got to spend it with new mammies and their little toots at my baby massage class.  Everything goes down at baby massage from the tales of our labours, the newest baby product out(god bless the dummy stuff, thanks Sabrina lol, )teething tricks to christening outfits. Its not just a baby massage class, this is where I guarantee you will meet mammy friends for life.


A few weeks ago, I took my little boy to Century Play and left that afternoon with the biggest smile.  I met so many of my mammies who went to baby massage and have all stayed in contact and regularly meet up.  This is the exact reason I will ALWAYS do my baby massage class here in Letterkenny.

As a first time mum/new mum, its so so important to get out of the house.  I remember when I had Noah, I loved having somewhere to have to get up and go to every week.  I always tell my mammies to make Thursday their day because after baby massage class, the babies are all massaged, changed and fed and will sleep soundly for a few hours, allowing you a wee browse around the shops or get those “wee jobs” done around town.


Classes are designed to be small, usually 6/8 mammies/daddies  and their babies.  You are provided with organic baby massage oil and your very own massage book, which allows you to practice your massage at home and work into your baby’s routine.  Classes are totally baby led, you are free to feed your baby, change your baby or just to give them a wee cuddle if needed.  The only baby that doesn’t have a wee cry throughout the course is my wee Alfie lol.

Each week, I demonstrate the massage strokes on Alfie, while you work on your little one and once the babies are all massaged its time for me to stick the kettle on and its the mammies turn to enjoy a “HOT” cuppa with one of Carmels Cakes yummy cupcakes. Week 3 is my FAV yet, the carrot cake cupcakes!!!!!



Ive asked some of my lovely mammies what they thought about baby massage class:

“We looked forward to baby massage with Joanne every week.  My baby absolutely loved it, it really relaxed him and he always slept great afterwards.  As a first time mum I also really enjoyed meeting other mammies and and having the time to relax and chat.  Joanne has a lovely personality and makes you feel at ease straight away.  I would 100% recommend it, we thoroughly enjoyed the experience and our groups are still in touch a t=year later. Thanks Joanne!”

“Thoroughly enjoyed every week of baby massage class with Joanne and all the other mammies and babies.  Was a lovely treat every week to get out to meet people and my wee man really enjoyed all the relaxing massages.  Joanne was so lovely and spoilt us every week with the loveliest cup cakes. Definitely a lovely experience for mammy and baby”

“I started baby massage in 2016 with my wee boy.  From the moment we arrived we were made feel so welcome.  My little one had reflux and lactose intolerant undiagnosed at the time and he cried and cried. I was delighted as after the class he was relaxed and always produced a dirty nappy.  A happy wee boy.  The massage was great for colic and constipation and made an angry baby relaxed.  I also loved the cupcakes, such a treat.  But the best thing was the friends that I made.  The group of girls I met were a great help to me down the line.  We are still in a viber group together still called baby massage.  We went walking together and had meet ups.  I also went to baby massage with my next little girl and it was nice to spend time with her on her own without a busy toddler.  I would highly recommend Joanne and her class.”

The next set of baby massage classes begins Thursday March 5th



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