I’m always in http://www.babyzone.ie looking for the newest baby gadget for Noah and its only recently, I’ve discovered the AMAZING bits and bobs that Crafty Kids have. To be honest when I have himself with me in the buggy I never really get a chance to look around properly, but today I did and here are my top buys for Christmas. 

1.These magnetic strips will provide hours of fun, offering children the opportunity to use and develop a whole range of skills. Aged 3-6 Years

2. Tray Puzzles,these will be going on Noah’s Santa list.  Includes a set of five, 3 pieces tray puzzles to encourage early sorting and matching skills as the inner pieces are sorted by shape, colour and size to fit into each animal face tray.

3. Classic wooden train set comes complete with 35 or 60 pieces for little ones to put together.  Hours of fun for little engineers.

4. This art jar would be perfect for those rainy afternoons.  Complete with ideas sheet and an exciting selection of art and craft materials.

5. Who doesn’t love a good board game with all the family over Christmas.  I have to admit I got very excited when I saw these were in store.  I have two nephews that will LOVE these, especially the snakes and ladders. 

6. Double the value with these double sided 12 piece puzzle.  On one side in the red bus the passengers are all people, while on the other side in the yellow bus passengers are all animals.

7. The EXTREMELY  popular Dino Hatch Egg.  Have fun watching a growing baby dinosaur  break out of its own egg.

8. There is nothing more magical at this time of the year than a good Christmas book. We have already started our Christmas stories before bed in our house. Have you picked up your Christmas books yet? Wide variety of books in store for all ages.

9. Noah wasn’t in the door 10 seconds and he spied the Happy Hopperz.  Great range available in store.

10. Thought these were very cute. Bring the story to life with fairy/princess accessories along with the book.

11. Golden Oldie……BUT I loved it so much.  The Rubiks Cube, 3D combination puzzle.

12. Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without some play-doh.  Large variety of sets available in store.

13. Last but not least, The Fairy Doors and all the accessories to go with them.

Joanne x.

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